Rhino Linings(R) TUFF STUFF(R) tolerates temperature extremes - won't warp or crack. ..Optional over-the-rail protection available.


A range of colours to compliment any vehicle.


Off-road or in the city, Rhino Linings(R) TUFF STUFF(R) protects bumpers, rocker panels, etc. . . Against wear, under even the most extreme conditions.


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Rhino Linings(R) polyurethane provides a permanent protective surface for utes, trailers, vans, Jeeps, boats and virtually any high wear area.


Sprayed-on Rhino Linings(R) TUFF STUFF(R) polyurethane bons directly to the ute tray to form permanent, watertight / airtight protection against rust and corrosion. Water can't seep under the lining.


Not a paint-like coating, Rhino Linings(R) TUFF STUFF(R) thick polyurethane linings work with fifth-wheel hitches and camper shells.


Environmentally-friendly and solvent-free Rhino resists petroleum products, fertilisers and most chemicals.


Rhino Linings(R) TUFF STUFF(R) polyurethane provides a thick layer of resilient protection, even under rugged conditions. The unique flexible, textured surface really reduces cargo slippage.