The textured surface can help reduce slippage on decks, gangways, walkways and more!


Rugged enough for a variety of hard-working applications, Rhino Linings(R) performs well in work and storage areas of all sizes.


Above or below decks, equipment bolts right back into position after the application of Rhino Linings(R). Compressing the thick rubber-like surface helps lock the bolts in place while helping to permanently seal out moisture.


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TUFF STUFF(R) provides a thick layer of protection, even under rugged conditions. And, the unique flexible, textured surface reduces slippage above or below decks.


It can be applied to new boats or to craft that have already been launched. Because it permanently seals out water and inhibits corrosion, its uses are virtually limitless.


The thick, permanent layer of TUFF STUFF(R) polyurethane works well on either side of popular small skiffs or runabouts. It can help stop leaks and punctures.


Not a paint-like coating, TUFF STUFF(R) provides tough industrial-grade protective linings for virtually hundreds of different vehicle and marine applications.


Even dock boxes and trailers can benefit from Rhino Linings(R) rugged, long-term durability.