Finished trailer is well protected, easy to clean and lasts for years.


Protects boat trailers from weather and harsh wear.


Rhino Linings(R) adds years of life to all recreational trailers.


Spray on Rhino Linings(R) and help protect utility trailers from impact and corrosion.

Your local Rhino Linings dealer is:

RhinoLinings Eugowra

Ray Dickens

0409 592 526

Many trailers are delivered with open wood plank or steel floors. Rhino Linings(R) is the ideal floor covering for most trailers.


Crumb Rubber: The perfect combination for seamless cushioning and sealing.


Rhino Linings(R) is a 100% solid seal for all trailers.


Trailers and lift gates are often sprayed with Rhino Linings(R) to help reduce noise.


No matter what size your trailer is, Rhino Linings(R) can protect the walls and floors.