Fat Lamb Hotel (1)

The Fat Lamb Hotel, built on the site of the original Eugowra Hotel, which was constructed of pise and shingles by Mr. Hanbury Clements in 1866. Below: view of the rear. Unfortunately, the hotel burnt down in 2011.


Fat Lamb Hotel (2)

Broad Street

Broad Street, with row of old shop buildings housing Gentle Cow Cafe and one empty shop, next to the RTC (see below).


Eugowra RTC

Rural Transaction Centre including Eugowra Post Office, housed in the old National Australia Bank building, now owned by Eugowra Promotion and Progress Assoc. Inc.


Old Imperial Cinema

The old Imperial Cinema building, now Eugowra Newsagency and Supermarket.


Old Bakery

The Old Bakery building in Broad Street, next to the creek, which had a shop at the front left with a bakehouse and oven at the back. The oven/bakehouse are still intact and are being preserved. On this site one of the first hotels in Eugowra, the Bridge Hotel, once stood but was disbanded due to lack of a licence. It is now privately owned with “Craft on the Creek” shop operating at the front.


Central Hotel (1)

The Central Hotel on the corner of Grevillea Ave (the Escort Way) and Pye Street, complete with bushrangers on the balcony!


Central Hotel (2)

The Central Hotel seen from a different angle. The red roofed structure at the back is its original building. The low buildings on this side are old shops.


Cute Cottages Pye St

Cute cottages in Pye Street. At right, part of Wobble In (closed 2009).


Wobble In

The fascinating facade of the Wobble In (Old wares shop), formerly a stock and station agent’s and before that a machinery dealership. Wobble In closed in 2009.


Museum Front (2)

Facade of the Historical Museum and Bushranger Centre, in a building that was formerly a stock and station agent’s standing beside the Wobble In (above).


Post Office

The old Eugowra Post Office on the corner of Nanima and Pye Streets, continuously in use as a post office since it was built. Now closed – business moved to the RTC, Broad St.


Old Bank of NSW

The old Bank of New South Wales building, 1926, in Nanima Street, now houses “Head On In” hairdressers, formerly Australia’s first Rural Transaction Centre.


Police Station

Eugowra’s Victorian era Police Station and lock-up, located in Nanima Street. Next to it stands the police residence, of the same vintage.


Lee's old store

Lee’s Old Store, built in 1908 and extended in the 1930’s. The original section now houses The Lady Bushranger country furniture restaurant and coffee shop. The later section houses Somerset Lane Clothing.


Escort Rock Cafe

The magnificent premises of the Paragon Cafe on a corner of Nanima and Pye Streets, long since ceased trading. Operated as the Escort Rock Cafe for some 19 years to 2009., it is now for sale empty.







Death's Place

Death’s Place, Icely Street


Perry's Place

Perry’s Place, Norton Street


Anglican Rectory

The Anglican Rectory, Bowler / Camp Street


School Teachers' House

(Formerly) The School Teachers’ House, corner of North and Hill Streets. Now privately owned.


Uniting Church

The Uniting Church, formerly Presbyterian, in North Street.


Deserted House

Charming old deserted house in North Street


Cute Cottage Barrack Street

Cute cottage in Barrack Street


Hoswell's Cottage

Hoswell’s Cottage nearby in Chesher Street


Cute Cottage Barrack St

Another cute cottage in Barrack Street


"Maxville", Oberon St

“Maxville” in Oberon Street


Cute Cottage, Oberon and Park

Cute cottage on corner of Oberon and Park Streets


Cute Cottage, Evelyn St

Cute cottage in Evelyn Street, complete with matching bridge over the gutter.


Renovated, Oberon St

Renovated Beauty in Oberon Street.


Owen's place in Oberon Street

Owen’s place in Oberon Street


Oberon St. cottage

Keeping it simple in Oberon Street


Quaint old cottage

Quaint old cottage in Evelyn Street


Valma's place in Evelyn Street

Valma’s place in Evelyn Street


Cute cottage, Loftus St

Cute cottage in Loftus Street


Renovators' Dream

Renovators’ Dream in Park Street