Early Colonial Days

EARLY COLONIAL DAYS : The memoirs of John McGuire, Ben Hall’s business partner and brother-in-law. This narrative details the early life of Sydney town, pioneer settlement days on the Lachlan and the gold rush and bushranger era including the Escort Rock gold coach robbery. $25.00


Eugowra History

Eugowra – Its History and Development : Compiled by members of The Eugowra Historical Society & edited by Bill Banham. First published in 1988. A “must have” if you have any connection to Eugowra. $45.00


Frank Gardiner

LIFE AND TIMES OF FRANK GARDINER : The story of a charismatic figure that turned to bushranging from horse and cattle stealing. Frank masterminded the Escort Rock gold robbery at Eugowra. $20.00





Judas Covenant

THE JUDAS COVENANT : Peter Bradley’s examination of the story of Ben Hall, especially his betrayal and death. Peter is a descendant of Ben Hall’s younger brother, Henry. Books are signed by the author. $40.00










Tall Ships & Ten horse teams

TALL SHIPS AND TEN HORSE TEAMS : This book was written by Detlef ‘Dick’ Bahnsen a Danish sailor who jumped ship at Freemantle and became a farmer in Australia. One of his descendants is Lorna Hoswell, a resident of Eugowra. It is a great story. $20.00



Lost Village of Murga

THE LOST VILLAGE OF MURGA : Written and published by Robert Ellis A salutary reminder of what was once a bustling community near Eugowra but succumbed to the ravages of time and is now long gone…. $20.00



Murga and the Little Bush School

MURGA AND ITS LITTLE BUSH SCHOOL : Author, Don Downward once the Principal, writes about Murga and the Murga Bush School which existed from 1879 until 1966. Also includes notes by Vince Mulligan who was a Postmaster at Murga. Today a small reserve remains opposite the old post Office (house) at Murga where the school and other buildings once stood. $20.00